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With the national grid under increasing threat from theft, vandalism, and terrorism, bolstering electrical substation security and protecting key assets has become a top national priority.  When problems arise, their remote locations can make it difficult to assess the situation.  i2c Technologies' VX400 was specifically designed to help secure and monitor remote sites. i2c Technologies has a knowledgable staff that has the expertise to enhance your electrical substation security. 

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The VX400 creates a first line of defense against external threats by seamlessly integrating thermal and HD PTZ cameras, advanced video management software, onboard video storage, and two-way communication to alert monitoring personnel 24/7.

Remotely detect intrusion in real time for better substation security

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  • HD PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras provide clarity and control

  • Thermal cameras detect movement anywhere within the substation and alerts monitoring agency immediately

  • Up to 90 days of 24/7 recordings are maintained

  • System can use cellular data modem or any IP connection for remote connectivity. Cellular can also provide backup to substation's primary IP connection

cell phone with intruder

 Get Real Time Alerts and Access from Mobile Devices

  • Notifications are sent with picture snapshots of intruder from both thermal and PTZ cameras

  • View live video from any mobile device

Remotely Diagnose Problems

thermal camera shows heat with gauge

  • Thermal camera can be used to "see" temperatures of substation components

  • Notifications are sent with picture snapshots from thermal camera when operational thresholds are exceeded

  • Camera can be controlled by operations staff to evaluate issues before crews are dispatched

  • Worker safety can be monitored while repairs are underway

  • System can interface with a wide variety of SCADA monitoring equipment to provide video feedback when trouble is detected

Get Real Time Response and Verification

System can be monitored by internal staff or by CRC's trained response team.

Cooperative Response Center

  • Cooperative Response Center provides 24/7 system monitoring with UL approved central station and three monitoring locations across The United States

  • When an intrusion is detected, CRC will alert the authorities and take control of the PTZ camera capturing key video

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The VX400 system is an effective tool in our ongoing efforts to curb property losses. Three times this system stopped the loss of assets and two of them helped local police settle the case in a court of law.

-Kevin Brown

Engineer, Alpena Power Co.

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