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i2c Technologies offers intelligent IP video surveillance and access control solutions.  We utilize the best products in the industry, with expert design and installation for all types of operations.  No job is too big or too difficult for our experts.  

Whether you want to protect assets, increase productivity, gain some peace of mind, or all of the above, i2c Technologies can design and install a system to meet your needs. Request a Quote or call 888-422-7749.

i2c Technologies Offers:

  • Video management software that can support hundreds of cameras on one network

  • High definition cameras that offer superior image quality

  • Thermal cameras that detect people and objects without the need for a light source

  • Cameras that integrate with your current network infrastructure

  • i2c video management software that allows for easy retrieval, storage, and distribution of recordings

  • Remote connectivity to control cameras and view live and archived video from mobile devices

  • High capacity local video storage with easy remote video retrieval, which is ideal for low bandwidth situations (cellular, two way satellite)

  • Pan, tilt, zoom cameras that cover large outdoor areas with incredible clarity

  • Video management software that runs on standard file servers or a virtualized server environment

  • Converters to modify existing analog cameras to IP

  • Real-time alerts with picture snapshots sent to any mobile device, when an intrusion is detected

  • Full Microsoft Active Directory support

  • Wireless networking products that can extend a facilities’ physical network anywhere cameras are needed

  • Wireless HD cameras for remote outdoor locations

  • i2c video management software with an open platform that fully integrates with current security and operations systems (alarm, access control, fire, SCADA, and PoS)

  • HD network cameras with wide angle and panoramic views for superior coverage

  • Network video door stations that support 2 way communication, video identification, and remote entry control

  • Cameras with audio capability and panic button options

  • 24/7 monitoring service option

  • Keyless gate/door entry solutions to control site access

  • Solar powered systems for remote sites

  • Covert cameras and Housings

  • Thermal cameras with remote temperature monitoring, alarm, and notification capabilities

  • Portable surveillance solutions, with onboard video storage, that can be easily deployed

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Providing Affordable IP Video Surveillance and Access Control Solutions for over 10 years.

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I had extreme limitations with the type of security systems I could use to protect my storage properties.  After extensive research, I discovered i2c Technologies.  

i2c conquered those limitations, and now my business is secured by the most user friendly software, and camera technology the industry has to offer.  I now consider them a vital part in the future growth and protection of my business.

-Randy Peters

Owner, Prime Storage

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