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System Features:

  • Event-Based Solution: Utilitzes both physical sensors and video analytics to control PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) IP Cameras

  • Event responses are scripted to produce the best possible video with a limitless number of reactions to a single event input

    i2c Desktop Features
  • Trigger events can send email notifications that include a picture snapshot of the event

  • Standard and Megapixel camera support

  • Analog Camera Support: Convert your analog signals to digital by utilizing video encoders

  • Microsoft Based Architecture: The i2c Video Management System (VMS) utilizes Microsoft’s .NET Framework and SQL Server, maximizing compatibility and supportability

  • Hardware Agnostic: i2c’s VMS will operate on all Microsoft based server/desktop hardware as well as virtual servers

  • I/O Module integration for connecting the VMS to existing security infrastructure; architecture allows for an infinite number of inputs to the system

  • i2c’s VMS uses limited bandwidth and works extremely well with a cellular based data connection

i2c Desktop

Video Management Software

  • Remote System Accessibility: View real-time cameras, and recorded footage from anywhere using standard Internet connection

  • Easy-to-Use: Three-form interface is intuitive and robust. Archived video is quick and easy to locate using pull down menus that enable the user to find key footage in seconds

  • Multi-View Interface: Allows any combination of window sizes, and the viewing of multiple real-time cameras

  • Variable Image Size and Quality: Adjust live viewing image and video compression sizings to optimize quality or size, without affecting the quality of the archive being recorded on the server

  • Active Directory Integration

  • Advanced User Right Mangement: Access to live video, PTZ camera control and video archives are all individually controlled by user permissions

i2c Server

  • Event Based Archive Retention: Events are prioritized in the system. This allows for archive retention by event type, allowing for enhanced control over archive retention periods. More important video can be retained longer

  • Infinitely Scalable: Distributed architecture with unlimited storage capacity. Add server and storage capacity to the VMS solution with seamless integration to the end user. An infinite number of cameras can be supported

  • Remote System Health Monitoring: Email or text message notification of a faulty system device, 24/7 365 days a year

  • Scheduling Component: Modify how the system responds during different times of the day

  • Archives are recorded in MPEG-4 or H.264 format in high quality. Desktop viewers can change their video quality settings without affecting the centrally recorded archives

  • Receive the i2c Client Software utilizing the Microsoft .NET ClickOnce Deployment method. No more fumbling with scratched CDs or lost installation discs. ClickOnce means you always have access to your installation files. Each time the i2c Desktop software connects to the i2c server, it verifies and updates the client to the latest version of the software

  • Video files are tagged with an authentication code to insure that video has not been altered

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