Deployable Surveillance Cameras for Police

With threats like terrorism, mass shootings, and drug and human trafficking, the resources of many police departments are stretched thin. i2c Technologies' Deployable Surveillance Cameras for police are the solution. These systems are a cost-effective way for law enforcement to monitor high crime areas and public events in real-time, capture high definition video evidence, and gain situational awareness for each operation.
All i2c Deployable Surveillance Cameras for police are comprised of equipment that complies with the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and is eligible for use in federal, military, and critical infrastructure installations.

i2c Technologies is a leading supplier of deployable surveillance cameras for police and other law enforcement entities. Hundreds of i2c's units are in use throughout the U.S. i2c can design customized video surveillance units- just tell us your needs and we can build a unit to your specifications.

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i2c Technologies Axis Solution Gold Partner

Reliable, Cybersecure Cameras

i2c Technologies is an AXIS Communications Solution Gold Partner. We offer the full line of AXIS IP cameras, renowned for their reliability and high resolution images. When you purchase AXIS products from i2c you can rest assured you are getting new and true AXIS products - not refurbished or counterfeit equipment (which can be sold online by unapproved dealers).
Axis Body Camera

Axis Body Worn Camera System

The world’s most flexible body worn camera system. Featuring durable, robust cameras, docking station and system controller with an open system architecture that integrates with other VMS and EMS. It captures video up to 1080p at 30fps and audio through dual microphones for superior noise suppression.
State of Ohio Procurement

State Term Schedule Pricing for Ohio Police

i2c Technologies is an Ohio state term schedule vendor with special pricing on deployable video surveillance systems and AXIS IP cameras and products for Ohio state, county and municipal law enforcement. STS Contract #800475
The VP400 is a complete multi-camera surveillance system in a rugged, portable housing. It is unrivaled among deployable video surveillance units because it contains an AXIS HD 10x optical zoom PTZ camera and up to three fixed HD cameras for a 230 degree fixed view. The VP400 features an onboard file server and software, and an advanced 4G LTE cellular data modem. The VP400 is designed for one-man deployment, can be mounted to a utility pole or a building and requires only 110 VAC for power.
VX400 Covert Surveillance Pole Camera Law Enforcement
High-Tech yet Low-Key, the VX400 is a complete HD video surveillance system hidden in a rugged covert housing that resembles a power transformer and easily mounts on a standard utility pole. When fully equipped, it includes an AXIS 10x optical zoom PTZ camera, advanced 4G LTE cellular data modem for live monitoring and remote camera control, and an onboard PC for 24/7 recording. The VX400 provides fast retrieval of key video, and is bandwidth-friendly. It requires only 110 VAC for power.
QT 400 Covert Camera Kit for Police
A valuable tool in your investigative arsenal; the QT400 Tactical Camera Kit is a versatile, compact camera system for indoor, outdoor and onboard surveillance applications. It’s discreet appearance and ability to be rapidly deployed make the QT400 ideal for covert surveillance operations. The entire system fits neatly in a rugged case for easy transport and deployment.
Providing Protection, Exceeding Expectations

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