Electrical Substation Security Systems From i2c Technologies

Due to their remote locations and valuable assets, electrical substations are targets for theft, vandalism, and terrorism. i2c Technologies has designed the VX400 Video Surveillance Unit to provide remote site surveillance and substation security protection from these threats. The VX400 system creates a First Line of Defense against external threats by seamlessly integrating thermal and high definition PTZ cameras, advanced video management software, and on-board video storage in a rugged, covert housing. When an intrusion is detected, the VX400 system automatically alerts monitoring personnel to collect key video evidence and contact local authorities. Learn more about our VX400 video surveillance unit for electrical substation security and request a quote today.

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Quality Cameras and Reliable Substation Security Solutions

Every VX400 Video Surveillance System features IP cameras made by Axis Communications®. Axis cameras provide remarkable HD clarity and reliability. The VX400 comes with a full one-year warranty which includes all parts, labor, support and software updates, and an affordable extended service agreement to keep your VX400 system like new, year after year.
Covert PTZ Housing

Designed for Easy Deployment & Relocation

The VX400 is designed for one-man deployment, and weighs only 50 lbs when fully equipped. It easily mounts on a standard utility pole and only requires 110 VAC. Custom cases are available for convenient transport and storage. i2c Technologies can ship units anywhere in the continental U.S. and our expert staff will remotely set-up and configure each unit.

Remotely Monitor Electrical Substation Operations

The VX400 system is a valuable tool for monitoring the operation of equipment and crews within a substation. It allows you to remotely evaluate issues in real time, giving you the information needed to make an informed decision before dispatching a repair crew or alerting authorities. The VX400 integrates with existing SCADA and PLC’s for an automated response to critical events.

Two Way Communication Options Available

Adding a network loudspeaker allows monitoring personnel to immediately intervene and communicate warnings to intruders, bolstering an already durable remote site surveillance solution. Contact us today for more information.

Get Real-Time Response and Video Verification

i2c Technologies is the preferred video surveillance provider for the Cooperative Response Center (CRC). The CRC provides 24/7 System Monitoring with UL Approved Central Station and three monitoring sites across the U.S.

Thermal and Infrared IP Video Cameras

Thermal Cameras can detect movement, “see” leaks and temperature variances that might go unnoticed otherwise. The VX400 system can alert monitoring personnel when temperatures exceed operational thresholds, keeping you in control of your operations.
Providing Results, Exceeding Expectations

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