Government Building Security Camera System

Government facilities and public spaces are targets for a variety of threats. Theft, vandalism, mass shootings, workplace violence, and disgruntled citizens can threaten the safety and security of government workers, facilities, and infrastructure. i2c Technologies understands the vulnerabilities that exist in state and local government operations and we can design and install integrated security solutions that include a government building security camera system and Access Control to help mitigate these threats.
As an Ohio state term schedule vendor, i2c Technologies offers special contract pricing for state and local government. STS Contract #800475
Every i2c government building security camera system includes equipment that complies with the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and is eligible for use in federal, military, and critical infrastructure installations.

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i2c Technologies Axis Solution Gold Partner

Reliable, Cybersecure Cameras

i2c Technologies is an Axis Communications Solution Gold Partner. We offer the full line of Axis IP cameras, renowned for their reliability and high resolution images in any light condition. We only install world-class cameras that follow cybersecurity best practices, not “black box” equipment that can contain malware and is difficult to update, because we realize that protecting your facility’s security shouldn’t endanger your network’s security.

User-Friendly Video Management Software

Every i2c government building security camera system includes our video management software, i2c VMS, which eliminates the hassle and expense of third party software licenses. i2c VMS supports Microsoft Active Directory and integrates with current operations systems like alarm and access control, supports hundreds of cameras on one network, and runs on standard file servers or a virtualized server environment.

Integrated Access Control Solutions

Get integrated door and gate control systems with map-view for central control, touchscreen compatibility, and control from multiple workstations. Access control readers can support a variety of proximity credentials (key cards, fobs, badges, and mobile devices) and are HID compatible. Ideal for preventing unauthorized access to areas within a facility or property.
Network Audio Speakers

Flexible Network Audio Speaker Systems

Broadcast live, scheduled, or emergency announcements and music, from anywhere using a mobile device. Broadcast your message throughout the facility or in specific zones. Quickly reconfigure zones, as needed, without the need for new cabling. Network Audio Systems are ideal for growing and ever-changing facilities.

Scalable, Future-Proof Systems

Every i2c government building security camera system, access control system, and network audio system is IP-based and designed with an open-platform, not a proprietary system that is costly to maintain and difficult to upgrade. i2c systems are scalable and integrate with fire detection, intrusion detection, SIP phone systems, and Microsoft Active Directory. Integrated systems are ideal for courthouse security, jails, and public utility sites.
VX400 Deployable Surveillance Unit Protest

Safe Cities and Infrastructure

i2c Technologies offers deployable video surveillance units for monitoring high-crime areas, remote sites, and outdoor events. Protect remote sites like water treatment facilities, reservoirs, and power substations with perimeter protection products like thermal cameras, infrared cameras, and PTZ cameras with real-time alerts when intrusion is detected. 24/7 central station monitoring services are also available .
Providing Protection, Exceeding Expectations

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