Industrial Video Monitoring

i2c Technologies designs and installs cutting-edge security camera, industrial video monitoring, access control, and network audio speaker systems to help Ohio manufacturers protect their assets and improve operations. Every i2c system is designed by an IT expert who specializes in IP-based integrated technology. While other integrators are just getting up to speed on IP technology, we have perfected it. Let i2c Technologies put our expertise to work for you!

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Smart Camera Options for Industrial Video Monitoring

Get reliable camera systems with HD clarity and options like: wireless cameras for outdoor areas, high-speed cameras for production lines, and thermal cameras to detect overheated equipment. Our industrial video monitoring systems include Ultra 4K HD cameras for large area monitoring and panoramic cameras for aisle ways and warehouses. We offer solutions for harsh environments like explosion-proof cameras and stainless steel housings.

Improve Manufacturing Operations with Industrial Video Monitoring

An i2c video surveillance system provides more than just security. Our manufacturing customers use our systems to enhance their operations and provide a safer, more efficient workplace. We offer a one-year warranty on all parts, labor, support, and software updates, and affordable extended service agreements to keep your systems like new.

User-Friendly Video Management Software

Every i2c industrial security camera system is designed by an IT expert, and includes our video management software, eliminating the hassle and expense of a third party software license. Our VMS, allows for easy retrieval, archive and distribution of recordings. i2c VMS supports Microsoft Active Directory and integrates with your current operations systems like alarm, access control, and PLC’s.

The VC400 Mobile Video Monitoring Cart

The VC400 is a complete, mobile industrial video monitoring solution designed for easy deployment of up to 16 HD cameras anywhere they are needed. It includes a variety of AXIS cameras, our advanced video management software and onboard video storage, in a durable mobile cart equipped with a built-in HD monitor, keyboard, and trackpad for easy setup.

Integrated Access Control Installation

i2c can design and install integrated door control systems with map-view for central control, touchscreen compatibility, and control from multiple workstations. Access control readers can support a variety of proximity credentials (key cards, fobs, badges, and mobile devices) and are HID compatible. All i2c systems are scalable and feature non-proprietary equipment.
Network Audio Speakers

Flexible Network Intercom Systems

Broadcast live, scheduled or emergency announcements and music throughout your facility or specific zones within the facility. Zones can be quickly reconfigured, without the need for new cabling, making it an affordable solution for growing and ever-changing facilities. Our network audio and speaker systems fully integrate with video, access control, alarm, and SIP phone systems.
Providing Protection, Exceeding Expectations

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