Oil and Gas Security System from i2c Technologies

i2c Technologies designs world class IP video surveillance and access control solutions for the Oil & Gas industry. Whether you need video surveillance for your facilities, wireless cameras to monitor outdoor areas and storage lots, access control for entrances or restricted areas, deployable cameras for remote well and compressor sites, or an integrated system that includes all of the above, we can engineer the ideal Oil and Gas Security Solution to meet your needs and your budget.

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Remote Site Surveillance for the Oil and Gas Industry

Our remote site surveillance solutions offer protection of your most important assets, providing peace of mind without the need for constant site visits and costly security guard services. Solar powered systems are available as well as 24/7 monitoring services.

Smart, Integrated Solutions for Oil and Gas Security

i2c Technologies Oil & Gas industry solutions feature HD AXIS Surveillance Cameras, and our user-friendly VMS software with easy retrieval, archive, and distribution of recordings. Our systems integrate with existing SCADA and PLC modules for an automated response to critical events.

Monitor Large Outdoor Areas with Incredible Clarity

Every i2c Technologies video surveillance solution uses AXIS Communications IP cameras. They provide remarkable HD clarity, maximum area coverage and reliability, with a variety of cameras to choose from, including panoramic, PTZ, and thermal options.

View Live Video From Any Mobile Device

Get real-time alerts with image snapshots sent to your mobile devices when an intrusion is detected. Remotely access live video and control your cameras via any mobile device. Network loudspeakers are also available for live, two-way communication.

Thermal and Infrared IP Video Cameras

Thermal Cameras can detect movement, “see” leaks and temperature variances that might go unnoticed otherwise. The system can alert personnel when temperatures exceed operational thresholds, keeping you in control of your operations.

Additional i2c Oil & Gas Surveillance System Features

i2c Technologies offers keyless gate/door entry solutions, solar powered systems for remote sites, covert cameras and housings, wireless cameras, portable and deployable systems with onboard video storage, and explosion-proof housings.
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