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Budget Friendly AXIS P1427-LE Camera Provides HD Footage

The AXIS P1427-LE Network Camera can capture video at 12 fps. This compact, outdoor ready construction makes this an ideal surveillance solution for access control and remote site surveillance. Our deals on AXIS P1427-LE Network cameras are only available at i2c Technologies. We are an AXIS Communications Gold Partner. Our expert staff is available to help find the right surveillance solution for you. Request a quote for an AXIS P1427-LE camera today!

The Axis P1427-LE Bullet Camera has a 5 megapixel resolution and features built-in Axis OptimizedIR Infrared LED illumination. Its varifocal lens is capable of capturing excellent image quality at 12 frames per second with enhanced field depth and clarity even in darkness. The Input/Output port can be used to connect with an alarm panel or other peripheral device such as a PIR sensor. The compact, low weight design, integrated bracket, and wide range of optional mounting accessories makes wall or ceiling installation easy. This high end IP video surveillance camera is available at a good price point from i2c Technologies.

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The AXIS P1427-LE Features Built-In Infrared Capability
Axis OptimizedIR Infrared LED Illumination captures excellent image quality with enhanced field depth even in complete darkness. The varifocal lens films at 12 frames per second at a 5 megapixel resolution.
The Axis P1427 Features a Compact, Outdoor-Ready Design
The versatile Axis P1427 Bullet Camera is ideal for exposed outdoor applications such as parking lots, remote sites, and service stations, but is also well suited for general indoor surveillance purposes.
The Axis P1427 Offers a Wide Range of Mounting Options
Easily mount to a wall or ceiling with the integrated bracket design. The Axis P1427-LE Bullet Camera is compatible with a wide range of optional mounting accessories. Contact Us regarding any questions.

Axis P1427-LE Outdoor Bullet Camera Key Features

  • Axis OptimizedIR Infrared LED Illumination for excellent image capture in low light or complete darkness
  • Varifocal P-iris lens captures 5 megapixel resolution at 12 frames per second
  • Compact, Outdoor-ready design suited for a wide range of applications
  • Compatible with a wide range of Axis mounting accessories for excellent installation versatility
  • Edge storage supports direct to microSD/SDHC recording

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