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AXIS Q6000-E PTZ Camera Offers Robust Surveillance

Gain total 360-degree situational awareness with the click of a button using remote access from your mobile device or tablet. The AXIS 6000-E Camera PTZ functionality ensures you will have full coverage over large indoor or outdoor areas. This fully integrates with multiple AXIS IP cameras, such as the Q60 and Q61 series, to provide a robust surveillance solution for a wide variety of industries and applications. Use the AXIS Q6000-E camera as a part of your access control or surveillance system for government and law enforcement facilities, electrical substations and more. Our expert staff is here to help. Request a quote now.

The AXIS Q6000-E Mk II Network Camera features a full 360 degree overview with remote one-click Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) control. This network camera integrates with any outdoor ready AXIS Q60 or Q61 series camera, resulting in a robust surveillance solution for a wide variety of outdoor applications. Any AXIS Q60-E can be simply mounted inside with AXIS 6000-E Mk II without the need for extra mounting brackets or equipment, and can be powered over Ethernet. The AXIS Q6000-E has four 2-megapixel sensors that capture a full panoramic field of view over large areas. The standard sensor lens can be replaced with either a 6 mm or 16 mm tiltable M12 lens, which will upgrade the resolution to fully HD 1080p.

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Full 360 Degree Overview With PTZ One-Click Control
This AXIS PTZ camera features continuous 360 degree panning control ideal for outdoor coverage. One-click PTZ control lets you easily capture high definition details on areas of interest.
The Q6000-E Features AXIS Zipstream Technology
Zipstream Technology significantly lowers bandwidth and storage requirements for the AXIS Q6000-E Mk II Network Camera without losing out on high quality image capture and forensic detail.
Integrates with AXIS Q60 & Q61 Series Cameras
For a robust surveillance solution, try pairing the Q6000-E with an AXIS Q60 Series camera. As an AXIS Communications Gold Partner, i2c Technologies can build the ideal DIY surveillance solution for your needs utilizing world class AXIS IP Cameras.

AXIS Q6000-E Mk II PTZ Network Camera Key Features

  • Integrates with any AXIS Q60 or Q61 Series Camera
  • Full 360 degree overview with Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) one-click control
  • AXIS Zipstream technology reduces bandwidth and storage requirements
  • Upgrade standard lens on one or more sensor to either a 6mm or 16mm M12 lens for 1080p HDTV
  • Quick and easy installation without the need for extra mounting equipment

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