VP100 Wireless Pole Camera Unit

The VP100 Wireless Pole Camera Unit is a complete video surveillance system in a rugged housing that easily mounts on a utility pole or building. When fully equipped, it features an Ultra 4K HD camera, an advanced 4G LTE cellular data modem for live monitoring and remote camera control, and an onboard PC for 24/7 recording, fast retrieval of key video, and a bandwidth-friendly performance. Ideal for remote monitoring of large outdoor areas, even in low light.

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The VP100 a Variety of Uses
The VP100 Wireless Pole Camera Unit is ideal for Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, Construction Sites, Utilities, Gas and Oil Sites, Parks, Storage Yards, Parking Lots, Ports and Marinas, Event Monitoring, Street Level Surveillance, and anywhere rugged outdoor video surveillance is needed.
VP100 Axis Cameras
VP100 Components
When fully equipped, the VP100 Wireless Pole Camera Unit contains an AXIS 4K Ultra HD camera with built-in IR illumination, i2c video management software, a ruggedized PC with 1TB of storage, and an advanced 4G LTE cellular data modem. The VP100 camera features a weatherproof dome that can withstand harsh conditions and impact. A thermal camera can be added to the unit as an option.
i2c Tech Support
Designed for Easy Setup
The VP100 Wireless Pole Camera Unit is lightweight and easily mounts on a utility pole or building and requires only 110 VAC for power. i2c Technologies will ship these units anywhere in the continental U.S. and every purchase includes our user friendly software and remote set-up, training, and configuration by our U.S. based tech support team.
i2c Technologies Axis Solution Gold Partner
World-Class Cameras
Every VP100 Wireless Pole Camera Unit features Axis cameras, renowned for their reliability and remarkable HD clarity, even in low light conditions. The camera on the VP100 provides a 100-degree field of view (about ½ of a football field). A full one-year warranty which includes all parts, labor, support and software updates, and affordable extended service agreements is available.
Cellular Date Connection
A Variety of Connections
The VP100 Wireless Pole Camera Unit will support a variety of connections including fiber, copper, and wireless (point to point, point to multipoint, and mesh). When no connections are available, the VP100 can include an onboard ruggedized video server for storage of up to 30 days of recordings and an advanced 4G LTE cellular data modem for remote camera control, system access, and archive uploading.
archive viewer
User Friendly Software
Every VP100 Wireless Pole Camera Unit includes i2c VMS, our video management software with easy retrieval, archive, and distribution of recordings, and thumbnail images to help narrow your search for key video. No more spending hours fast-forwarding through video to find an event. i2c VMS enables you to view and control your cameras remotely, and receive real-time alerts on any mobile or desktop device.
Providing Results, Exceeding Expectations

Exciting Video Surveillance System Features and Benefits

  • Axis IP cameras provide incredible clarity, even in low light
  • View live video from any mobile device
  • Rugged powder coated steel housing can withstand the harshest environments
  • Entire system easily mounts on a standard utility pole and only requires 110 VAC
  • Provides on board storage of up to 2 months of 24/7 recordings
  • One-year warranty includes all parts, labor, support, and software updates

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