The VX400 Deployable Covert Surveillance Unit

The VX400 seamlessly integrates an AXIS HD PTZ camera, our advanced video management software, onboard video storage, and remote connectivity in a complete covert video surveillance unit. The VX400 supports a variety of connections including fiber, copper, and wireless (point to point, point to multipoint, and mesh). When these connection types are used, multiple units can stream the video back to a centralized i2c video server. When no connections are available, the VX400 can include an onboard ruggedized video server for local recording and a cellular data modem for remote camera control, system access, and archive uploading. When video is stored locally, not streamed, the VX400 requires no bandwidth for recordings. i2c’s advanced video management software allows users to remotely search through hours of recordings in minutes, which saves time and bandwidth.

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The VX400 - One Unit for a Variety of Applications
The VX400 Covert Video Surveillance Unit is ideal for Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, Construction Sites, Utilities, Gas and Oil Midstream Stations, Parks, Storage Yards, Parking Lots, Ports and Marinas, School Campuses, and anywhere outdoor video surveillance is needed.
VX 400 covert pole camera houses an Axis PTZ camera
VX400 Components
When fully equipped, the VX400 features an AXIS HD 24x Optical PTZ camera, i2c video management software, a rugged PC with 1TB of storage, and an advanced 4G LTE cellular data modem that supports Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, in a discreet covert housing.
World Class Video Surveillance Products
We offer only world-class equipment, like AXIS brand cameras, not “black box” equipment that can contain malware and is difficult to update. Because we realize that protecting your facilities and assets shouldn’t endanger your network’s security and performance.
User Friendly Video Management Software
Every i2c network camera system is designed by an IT expert, and includes our video management software. i2c VMS allows for easy retrieval, archive, and distribution of recordings and enables users to remotely search through hours of recordings in just minutes. i2c VMS runs on standard file servers or a virtualized server environment.
Covert PTZ Housing
Designed for Easy Deployment and Setup
The VX400 Covert Video Surveillance is designed for one-man deployment, and weighs under 50 lbs when fully equipped. It easily mounts on a standard utility pole and only requires 110 VAC. i2c Technologies will ship these units anywhere in the continental U.S. and every purchase includes our user friendly software and remote set-up and configuration by our U.S based tech support team.
Quality Cameras and Reliable Protection
Every VX400 Covert Video Surveillance System features IP cameras made by Axis Communications®. Axis cameras provide remarkable HD clarity and reliability. The VX400 comes with a full one-year warranty which includes all parts, labor, support and software updates, and an affordable extended service agreement is available to keep your VX400 system like new, year after year.
Providing Results, Exceeding Expectations

VX400 Covert Video Surveillance System Features

  • AXIS HD PTZ camera provides superior image quality and allows for remote control
  • Provides onboard storage of up to 2 months of 24/7 recordings
  • Allows remote connectivity via cellular data modem or any IP connection
  • Unit can accommodate 3 additional fixed cameras for a 270 degree view
  • Ask about Ohio State Term pricing for government entities
  • Need a customized unit? Our engineers can design one to suit your needs

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